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Relax in the Castle

Swimming pool area opening hours: Monday - Sunday 9:00 - 21:00 Our pool area is a unique place that combines water madness and SPA comfort for a perfect relaxation. It is provided by a complex of swimming pools, saunas and Jacuzzis, created especially for your comfort. Bathing in the pools, as well as relaxing and deeply cleansing sessions in saunas are an obligatory part of the visit in our Queen's Mary's SPA.


Guests visiting the hotel SPA can relax in the recreation area: - indoor pool with two water massage stations, A paddling pool for children with water attractions such as a water slide The Spa & wellness area also includes: a jacuzzi, a relaxation room with a graduation tower, a dry and steam sauna. The complex of swimming pools, saunas and Jacuzzis, created especially for your comfort, provides perfect relaxation and rest. * The water in the pool meets the requirements according to the regulation of the Minister of Health of November 9, 2015


SWIMMING POOL RULES The swimming pool facility is free of charge for guests registered at Hotel Zamek Gniew Sp. z o.o. The use of the jacuzzi is at your own risk. Before entering the pool area, users are required to use the changing room, i.e. change their shoes to clean beach shoes, leave outer coats, change into bathing suits / trunks. In the cloakroom, you should leave devices that may be damaged (mobile phones, watches, etc.) and elements with sharp edges that may pose a threat (jewelry). The staff of the Zamek Gniew Hotel is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Before using the pool complex and each time after using the toilet, you should use the shower and disinfect your feet. In the pool area, it is prohibited to: Run, jump into the water, smoke and consume alcoholic beverages or other intoxicants, Bring sharp tools and dangerous objects, Consume food in the entire facility, except in designated areas, Enter and stay animals, Entry of people that the condition indicates the consumption of alcohol or other intoxicants. The swimming pool must not be used by people whose health may pose a threat to them or to other people staying in the pool, e.g. those suffering from upper respiratory tract (runny nose, cough), skin diseases (mycosis, eczema, impetigo, etc.) and unhealed wounds, People with breathing difficulties, People with balance disorders, epilepsy, infectious diseases, with cardiovascular insufficiency, Allergic to disinfectants. All cuts, injuries and noticed dangers and irregularities should be reported immediately to lifeguards and reception. People in poor health, fitness or well-being, as well as pregnant women, should use the swimming pool and its devices with special care, depending on their health condition. Hotel Zamek Gniew is not responsible for health effects caused by the use of the swimming pool by these people. Children under 3 years old are not allowed to use the swimming pool. Anyone who intentionally or unintentionally pollutes the pool will be charged for changing the water in the pool. It is forbidden to use the swimming pool complex for children under 16 years of age without adult supervision. Entry to the swimming pool is subject to the acceptance of the regulations at the Hotel Zamek Gniew Sp. z o.o. Hotel Zamek Gniew Swimming Pool Terms Of Use 1. The Swimming pool is free of charge for the Hotel Zamek Gniew Residents. Other Guests will be charged according to the price list. 2. The use of the jacuzzi is at your own risk. 3. Before entering the swimming pool premises, the Guests are obligate to use the changing rooms-put on clean flip-flops, leave their outer garments, put on swimwear/trunks. 4. All the appliances which may be easily damage mobile, watches, etc.) and sharp edged items which might be dangerous (jewelry) must be left in the changing rooms. 5. Zamek Gniew staff do not take liability for lost or stolen valuables. 6.Before using the swimming pool and each time after using the toilet the Guests are required to take a shower and disinfect feet. 7. On the premises of the swimming pool it is forbidden: To run, To jump into the water To smoke tabacco and drink alcoholic beverages or other illicit substances, To bring sharp and dangerous items, To consume food (on the premises of the whole swimming area, apart from the places reserved for this purpose) To bring and keep animals, 8. Every person who is under the influence of alcoholic or other illicit substances will not be allowed on the premises. 9.The swimming pool must not be used by anyone whose health condition may pose a danger to other swimming pool users. These include: Upper respiratory tract diseases, e.g. cold, cough Skin diseases ,e.g. athlete’s foot, eczema, etc., or unhealed wounds, Respiratory problems, Epilepsy, infectious diseases, Allergies to disinfectants. 10. Any cuts, injuries, dangers or inaccuracies should be immediately reported to the lifeguard or to the Spa Reception. 11. Children up to 3 years old can’t use the swimming pool. 12. Every person with bad health condition or pregnant women should use the swimming pool and the facilities with a particular care, according to their health condition, Hotel Zamek Gniew will not be held responsible for the health effects caused by the misuse of the swimming pool. 13. Every person who contaminates the swimming pool, either inadvertently or deliberately, will be charged with the cost of the swimming pool water exchange. 14.It is forbidden to use the swimming pool complex for children under 16 without adult supervision. 15. The following rules and regulations have been established for the benefit of all visitors of the Swimming Pool Area, by using the Pool Area, every person agree to obey the instructions. RULES AND INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE USE OF JACUZZI The Jacuzzi is an integral part of Hotel Zamek Gniew Spa and the provisions of the general regulations apply when using it. Each person using the jacuzzi is required to read the regulations and information boards located on the premises of the facility. The use of the jacuzzi is at the Spa Guests' own risk. Be very careful when entering and exiting the jacuzzi. A maximum of 6 people can stay in the jacuzzi at the same time. It is forbidden to cause situations that threaten the safety of one's own and other users. Entering or exiting other than stairs. Bringing any items into the jacuzzi. Pouring water out of the jacuzzi. Sit on the edge of the hot tub. The employees of Hotel Zamek Gniew Spa supervise compliance with these regulations. In the event of an accident caused by non-compliance with the regulations, the Jacuzzi user is fully responsible. BENEFITS OF USING JACUZZI Deeply relaxes and soothes, Reduces muscular tension, headaches, improves your mood, It is excellent beauty treatment which firms the skin, facilitates fat tissue burning and reduces cellulite, Helps women after childbirth restore stomach muscles elasticity.
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