The final of the battle "At Grunwald - this time in Gniew Castle"

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18 July 2020
The whole world plague prevented another, reconstructive clash between the Polish-Lithuanian Union forces and the forces of the Teutonic Order, which had been made since 1998 in the Grunwald Fields. However, the Knights of Gniew, who from the first modern staging of the Battle of Grunwald, decided not to give up a cruel fate and invite the guests of Gniew Castle to a unique historical spectacle. This time the fatal clash between the Grand Master of the Teutonic Knights, Ulrich von Jungingen and Mszczuj with Skrzynno of the Swan coat of arms, will visit the Tournament Arena of Gniew Castle. Master Ulryk is Jarosław Struczyński himself, the castellan of Gniew, and the Polish knight Mszczuj He is none other than his old friend Adam Firyn, a nice policeman from Gniew For many years these two Knights of Wrath have been clashing in the Grunwald staging, in the final attack of the Grand Master's banners, in which Master Ulryk finally says goodbye to this world. this duel will end together he cannot predict. Stanisław Szmit, the most famous Grunwald herald (the one for two naked swords) will watch over the course of the duel. If you want to take part in this unusual ending of the Battle of Grunwald, come to the Gniew Castle on Saturday, July 18. You will see the skill of famous knights in the use of a sword, a spear, and in the end you will experience their deadly clash on lances. THE BATTLE OF GRUNWALD? YES! ONLY IN CASTLE ANGER! Performers Jarosław Struczyński aka Ulrich von Jungingen. Photo. Andrzej Wiktor Adam Firyn aka Mszczuj z Skrzynno. Photo. Andrzej Wiktor Stanisław Szmit - herald of the great master. Photo. Marek Kalisiński The historical spectacle is performed by: two knights, their squires, a herald, marshal, ladies and judges who are members of a professional historical reconstruction group called "Knights of Wrath". They are experienced historical reenactors, participating in the most prestigious tournaments, performances and historical shows in Poland and abroad. They take part in numerous film and TV productions. The contractors are represented by the company "Poczet Husarski - Michał Ruda". Tickets 30 PLN normal PLN 15 reduced Family 2 + 2 - PLN 40
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