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Nordic-Walking route

Route No. 1. - off-road. Length 4 km. Time to walk about 50 minutes. Start at the reception desk, turn right towards the gate between the Castle and the Marysieńki Palace. We enter ul. Rycerska, then the street joins the Wiślana street. Then (after about 4 minutes walk, 300 m.) We turn left (third left turn) into the Tourist Trail. We go straight on for about 450 meters (about 5 minutes walk), we enter the footbridge over the Wierzyca River. Continue straight on along the dirt road to the town of Nicponia (about 10 minutes and 600 m). Taking the main road, without taking any left cuts to the dirt roads, we come (after about 3 minutes, 220 m) to the road crossing where we turn left. After about 190 meters, the main road vibrates and turns right. We follow this road and after about 150 meters (2 min walk) we pass the local tourist attraction Dwór on the right side, continue straight ahead 130 m and turn right at the crossroads. Following this road, after about 230 meters (3 min walk), we come to the next road intersection and turn right. Following this road, after 250 meters (about 3 minutes walk), you will reach a fork in the road, then turn right. After 25 meters, we turn left and we are on the same road as we reached the village of Nicponia and this road returns to the hotel. Route No. 2 - city. Length 3.3 km. Time to go around 45 minutes.  Google maps Start from the reception, turn left behind the hotel entrance gate, then go to ul. J. Sobieski (about 270 meters). We turn left into ul. J. Sobieskiego and after about 160 meters we enter Grunwaldzki Square, where we can see the Town Hall on the right. We walk around the square and enter ul. Piłsudski left, turning from Grunwaldzki Square, having the town hall on the right. After about 160 meters, we come to a junction / roundabout and go straight on entering ul. Gdańska. We walk about 800 m, still straight along ul. Gdańska. Walking along the street, there is a garden shop on the left and opposite the store on the other side of the street, in about 20 meters we enter a dirt road, which is not marked with the street name sign. General Haller. We turn right into ul. General Haller, we walk along the allotment gardens, along the street (after about 1.1 km. 15 minutes) we come to the dirt path between the factory buildings in Gniew and head to ul. January 27, then we turn right towards. ul. J. Sobieski. After 58 meters, turn left towards the Castle Square with the hotel.
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