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29 August 2020
Control your Wrath! " and come to the Tournament Arena of Gniew Castle,
KNIGHTS OF Gniew" TOURNAMENT Horse-drawn Outdoor Historical Spectacle - Tournament Arena of Gniew Castle SATURDAY August 29 A.D. 2020 Time: 2 p.m. The tradition of modern knight tournaments organized in Gniew Castle dates back to the beginning of the nineties of the last century. Since then, "Knights of Wrath" have been among the world's leading contemporary knights, crushing copies and winning in the most prestigious tournament arenas in Europe and North America. Next Sunday, two of them will be facing each other: Jarosław Struczyński, the castellan of Gniew and Michał Ruda, the Hussar governor. The duel will begin with horse riding agility races with a sword, spear and lance. In the finale of the performance "Knights of Gniew", dressed in tournament armor from the end of the 15th century, they will hit each other on horseback over the fence in a "blunt chase". The goal of the fight is to crush the lance on the opponent and release him from the saddle. The "Knights of Wrath" tournament is a great opportunity to learn about the knightly ethos, the armament of a knight and the training of war horses, whose efficiency has proven itself many times in numerous tournaments and on film sets. "Control your Wrath!" and come to the Tournament Arena of Gniew Castle, by purchasing a regular admission ticket for PLN 15 and a reduced ticket for PLN 10. "Knights of Wrath" are waiting for you !!!
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