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10 August 2019
The main event of the VIVAT VASA! project will be the historical battle show" THE BATTLE OF GNIEW 1626 ", which will take place on Saturday, August 10, 2019, in the Vistula meadows, at the foot of the Gniew Castle. It will be attended by groups of historical reconstruction from Poland, the Czech Republic, Ukraine, Hungary, Great Britain, France and the USA in the number of about 400 soldiers, including 50 cavalrymen. The Swedish and Polish infantry as well as Hussar banners and Swedish raiders will stand on the battlefield. You should expect daring charges of hussars, intense musket and artillery fire, and fierce clashes of infantry. Commanders and soldiers will have to demonstrate knowledge of the Old Polish and Western methods of warfare, exceptional cunnin, the effective use of tricks and masking, and above all, incredible courage. The spectacle's uniqueness is defined in the scenario only in terms of the main directions of operation of individual troops. Detailed tactical solutions will be in the hands of Polish and Swedish commanders. 15,000 spectators gathered around the battlefield and on the Vistula escarpments will be able to appreciate the uniqueness of this show. Saturday's struggle will end with a ceremonial parade of soldiers and audience torches along the streets of the Old Town of Gniew. All our viewers and guests are guaranteed free participation in all VIVAT VASA events! A.D. 2019 !!! In addition, for two days on August 10 and 11, as part of the OLD TOWN FESTIVAL - VIVAT GNIEW !, the revitalized streets of the Old Town of Gniew will be teeming with life, customs, military and historical craftsmanship. VIVAT VASA !!! THE BATTLE OF GNIEW 1626 Opalenie, Gniew August 9-11 A.D. 2019 FRIDAY August 9 Opalenie, 6 Husarska Street 10.00 Opening Ceremony "PANTHEON OF POLISH HUSARIA" 10.30 Beginning of the "GNIEW HUSARIAN TOURNAMENT - COMMUNIC HUSARIAN" - a 15-kilometer horse rally in forests in Opalenie, a hussar in full gear FRIDAY August 9 Gniew, War Camp in Vistula meadows, 10.00 - 18.00 Establishing a military camp in Vistula meadows, 18.00 Continuation of the "GNIEW HUSAR TOURNAMENT - HORSE WITH A ROW - POLISH HORSE - POLISH HORSE" - presentation in the paddock at the War Camp of horses in a row and a manege ride of lightly clad riders SATURDAY, August 10 Gniew, the Old Town 10.00 Opening Ceremony of the "OLD TOWN FESTIVAL - VIVAT GNIEW" and "THE GNIEW SHOW OF SMALL ART AND PATHERING MEMORY BY MARCIN" GASA "MANIKOWSKI" 11.30 Presentation of Polish and Swedish troops getting ready for "THE BATTLE OF GREAT 1626" 12.00 A CANNON SHOT FOR THE LORD'S ANGEL 12.00 - 22.00 "FESTIVAL OF THE OLD TOWN - VIVAT GNIEW" including: - blacksmith and armorers shows - demonstrations of old crafts - drills and exercises of national and foreign troops - concerts of music bands - troops march with torches 20:30 Concert of the WHITE GARDEN band - 'Stacja Mikrostyk' SATURDAY, August 10 Gniew, War Camp in Vistula meadows, 13.00 Continuation of the "GNIEW HUSARIAN TOURNAMENT - HUSARIAN EXPEDITION" - individual races in the paddock at the Hussars' War Camp fully armed with a lance, broadsword and saber 15.00 "POLISH SABER TOURNAMENT" 15.00 - 17.00 Drills and exercerations of national and foreign troops 18.00 Historical and battle staging “VIVAT VASA! THE BATTLE OF GNIEW1626 " 21.30 Army march with torches through the streets of the Old Town SUNDAY August 11 Gniew, the Old Town 12.00 - 20.00 "FESTIVAL OF THE OLD TOWN - VIVAT GNIRE" SUNDAY August 11 Gniew, Military camp in Vistula meadows, Castle Gniew 12.00 Final of the "GREAT HUSARIAN TOURNAMENT - Hussar Expedition" 13.00 - 16.00 Drills and exercerations of national and foreign troops 16.00 HOLY MASS IN THE CASTLE CHAPEL with the participation of the Gregorian choir SCHOLA CANTORUM GYMEVENSIS
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