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Gniew Castle has been one of the leading centers of popularizing history, tradition and patriotism in Poland for over 25 years. They cooperate with the most prestigious museums and educational institutions in the world. They provide our guests with historical attractions from the top and very cheerful shelf, offering: INTEGRATION CLASSES * Para-historical Games A historical- integration game for a people of both sexes carried out in the form of multi-person competition of banners, in competitions requiring intellectual and physical fitness, historical knowledge, and above all, a perfect sense of humor. The list of tasks includes a dozen or so suggestions, from learning the martial arts through Gregorian singing to ancient dance. PERFORMANCES AND SHOWS Historic Greeting with a Cannonball - an experienced crew of the fortress greets guests with a salvo from a 1.5-pound regiment cannon. Historical greeting with a cannon fire in the Hussar Post Society - the experienced crew of the fortress welcomes guests with a salvo from a 1.5-pound regiment cannon, and the two-ton hussar banner of the Marshal of the Pomeranian Voivodeship is presented. Gregorian Vespers - candlelight concert in the castle chapel of the Gregorian choir Schola Cantorum Gymevensis. Fencing School - a visit with a swordsman in the Gniew Castle Armory and presentation of the development and rules of fencing with swordsmanship. Gniew Husarii - an outdoor performance performed by a two-horse post, showing the history, tactics and weapons of the Polish hussars. Polish-Swedish skirmishes - open-air rivalry between the Hussar Post and the infantry rota of foreigners. Gniewski Hussar Tournament - an outdoor performance showing the history, tactics and armament of the Polish hussars based on the competition between two two-horse hussar posts. Knight's Tournament in Gniew Castle - a duel of two knights' posts, in which knights dressed in full plate armor clash in lines for lances, and their squires compete in agility chases with a sword and a spear. The Knight's Tournament "Legend of Wrath" - a duel of four knights dressed in full plate armor, the aim of which is to crush a copy on an opponent or to unleash him from the saddle. HISTORICAL AND GREAT HAPPY FRAMES FOR FEASTS, EVENINGS AND DINNERS Visit of the Commander - set in the realities of the Battle of Grunwald, the meeting of the bloody commander of Gniew, Zygfryd and Jurand of Spychów, with the guests of the Teutonic Order. Saber and Chalice - the return of guests to the times of the starost of Gniew, King Jan III Sobieski and the old Polish custom of toasts, cheers, singing and fencing duels. The prison teaches and entertains - the short-term imprisonment of guests in a heavy Prussian prison for recidivists, softened by the celebration of the birthday of Jeremias von Strauss, the head of Zuchthaus. Come on Swede - preparing volunteers to serve in the infantry regiments of King Sigismund III Vasa for the war with the Swede. Bloody Commander Zygfryd - an attempt by Jurand of Spychów to recover Danusia's daughter, imprisoned by the commander of Zygfryd in the Gniew Castle. The Kidnapping of the Bride - during which the Groom and the Wedding Guests are searching, traversing the castle chambers and cloisters, kidnapped by a local nobleman, the Bride promised him earlier. A deadly duel decides about her future. MULTIMEDIA PERFORMANCE "HOLIDAY WITH SPIRITS" A visit to Lamus is an excellent opportunity to meet the ghosts of Gniew Castle, brought to life by modern multimedia technology, supporting the story of a brave Guide-Reader who is also afraid of ghosts! * special attractions require an additional order
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