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26 June 2021
June 27, 2020 Cyclical events taking place in the Historical Park will allow you to meet medieval knights and their squires practicing their dexterity in using a spear or a sword from a horse, and see extremely dangerous clashes of knights clad in armor breaking copies.
Historical spectacle XIX PANDEMIC KNIGHTS TOURNAMENT KING JOHN III Gniew Castle, June 27 A.D. 2020 The Knight's Tournament of King Jan III, organized in Gniew Castle since 1992, referred to the best models of knightly games, set in the realities of the second half of the fifteenth century, when they accompanied and graced the most important events at European royal and princely courts: baptisms of descendants, weddings and meetings of monarchs. They were an emanation of court culture, popularized the chivalrous ethos, and allowed the participants to achieve fame, prestige and wealth. They were also attractive folk and sports events, warming up the emotions of the nobility, townspeople and the common people. Over time, they became real outdoor performances, enriched with musical and theatrical settings. The 19th Pandemic Knightly Tournament of King Jan III will be played at the Tournament Arena located in the southern ward of Gniew Castle, overlooked by the southern wing of the Gniew Castle, the largest 13th-century Teutonic fortress built on the left bank of the Vistula. Due to the constraints resulting from the corona virus pandemic, this year's Tournament will be held in the form of a time-limited historical spectacle. The show will begin with a presentation ceremony for knights and tournament officials. Then, "agility races" will be held with the use of lances, a sword and a spear, during which squires present their riding skills and skill in using weapons to the Tournament Guests. Another competition in which the knights will participate is the team tournament "meleé", involving a horse fight in full armor with the use of a wooden tournament club. The main competition of the Tournament is the "joust", which consists in hitting the lance in order to crush it or to unseat an adversary on the opposite side of the barrier, protected by full plate armor. Thus, the highest standards of the quality of armaments and safety of horses, knights, guests, and ceremonies faithful to historical patterns, combine into an unprecedented historical spectacle. Performers The historical spectacle is performed by: four knights, their squires, a herald, marshal, ladies and judges who are members of a professional historical reenactment group called "Knights of Wrath". They are experienced historical reenactors, participating in the most prestigious tournaments, performances and historical shows in Poland and abroad. They take part in numerous film and TV productions. SATURDAY 27 JUNE 16.00 OPENING CEREMONY AND PRESENTATION OF THE KNIGHTS OF THE HOUSES OF THEOLOGICAL LAWS OF THE 19TH TOURNAMENT OF THE KING JOHN III 16.30 AGILITY RACES - horse riding agility with a sword, spear and lance 18.00 MELEĖ - horse knights tournament game with clubs 20.00 TOURNAMENT RACES - clashes of knights in armor, the aim of which is to break the lance and unseat the opponent Entrance ticket - PLN 30adults PLN 15 child PLN 45 family (2 + 2) During the event, it is obligatory to wear masks and to follow the recommendations of the Department of Health Services related to Covid-19
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